Interview Me

I got an e-mail from one of the music writers for the Atlanta Journal/Constitution today. He was asking if I wanted to be interviewed for an article about the Indigo Girls. Hell yeah, sign me up! He found me by searching Google for “weblog”, “Atlanta” and “Indigo Girls”, which turns up multiple hits for me. A lot of those are from having Indigo Girls songs in my recent play list, but it does the trick. Looking back over the old entries about them, I see the one from when I met them at the Borders and I note that Amy Ray gets foxier as she gets older. At least on the very newest album, I can see clearly the schism between Amy and Emily as songwriters, and without exception I prefer Amy’s songs on this one.

I’m not exactly sure what the guy wants to talk to me about, but I’m ready for anything. I always read these articles where some uninformed dumbass is spouting off their silly statements. I’m looking forward to the possibility that I might be that uninformed dumbass. I’m also completely prepared for nothing to come of it. For all I know, the guy already wrote the article before I got back to him. We shall see.

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