Back on the Plane Gang Pt 2

I get on another plane today, heading back to O’Hare. I know for some people this isn’t that dramatic, flying every week but for me I’ve done more flying in the last few months than I do in most 2 year periods. I have an angry screed I wrote in the O’Hare last week, full of anger at how I have gotten the “special search” on 5 consecutive flights. I changed my mind about posting it here, but if they single me otu today (making it #6) then I will post it.

I will be happy to see my wife and dog, spend a little more time in the new house, go to the neighborhood Labor Day cookout, and such. I’ll be packing the Linksys box with me, so I can set up the network in the new joint and hook up the wireless. It’ll be nice to get my e-mail, weblog reposting, my FeedOnFeeds setup and all that stuff back to normal. It’s been kind of in a transitional state ever since I packed up the home network to put it on the truck. If I had only thought to take the Linksys with me last week, it would have only been down a few days but I ain’t that smart. Nothing seems better to me right now than getting things back to normal (really, better than the normal of recent months.) Oh, what a dream.

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