Today is unpacking, rearranging, breaking down boxes, and to break things up a little, more unpacking. Slowly, this is place is changing for looking like a warehouse to our home. My office is still mostly untouched, with all bookshelves bare and the books themselves in stacks of boxes looking like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I do have the Linksys WAP set up, and now have the beginnings of our home network going. One bit of a problem – it appears that the Comcast cable modem network here is different than in Atlanta. I don’t believe that things are routable into the network, meaning that I can’t have a webserver or ssh into my network from outside. That kind of sucks, actually. Luckily, I now have the Rackshack box. Since I had already set it up to be my interim mail handler machine, I think I’ll just set up SpamAssassin on it and make it my permanent mail handling machine. I had always intended for the Rackshack box to be the stable and permanent version of stuff I experimented with on the home Linux box. Now I guess I have no option other than to do things that way.

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