Snow Crash in Digital Form

Here’s one to jump on if you read e-text or ever have any interest in it. Fictionwise is having a sale on Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash – buy it for $6.99 and get 100% rebate! That means that they charge your credit card the $6.99, but it goes back in you micropay account and you get to spend that again with them. So, it’s not really free, but it is more like a “Buy one, get one” kind of deal. I’ve already read this and Diamond Age (which has the same deal but only if you are in the Buywise club) but I’m still tempted to buy them again just to get them to where I could reread on my PDA. Don’t be dawdling, friends, because this deal ends September 8, 2003. You can still buy them after that date, but you don’t get to spend the money twice. It’s like being a kid and pulling the arcade token on a string trick!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Crash in Digital Form”

  1. Shannon says:

    On the other hand, you can borrow as many books as you want from the library, all for free (excluding a little or your taxes), and you never need to replace the batteries. I’m sorry, but I never could quite deal with the online book. Manpages and reference materials are perfect for online, but leisure reading has to be non-electrical for me.

  2. Dave says:

    Well, that’s all true. Where the PDA reading excels for me is the found time – a prescription takes longer to fill than you’d expect, you are stuck for 15 minutes at a train crossing, etc. I always have reading material with me. I’m never without several novels and several years of SF magazines in a pocket. I dig that, and that has both made waits less boring and allowed me to get more reading done in the spaces that would otherwise be me sitting around bored.

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