What Do Liberals Want?

Jon Carrol lashes back at the characterization of liberals. He’s a guy I tend to agree with down the line, particularly when he says things like:

What fair generalizations can we make about the current division between conservatives —

represented by the Bush administration and its supporters — and liberals? How about this: Liberals support the idea that individuals are more important than corporations, that as long as there are welfare programs for corporations there should be welfare programs for individuals, that we all have a right to be safe in our homes from government and corporate spies and that corporations that break the law should be punished with the same degree of severity as individuals who break the law.

The cacophonous right wants to pretend these issues are phony. The cacophonous right wants to use buzzwords and flash phrases to obscure the nature of the debate. It wants us to be ashamed of the word “liberal.” Not me, baby.

Not me either, brother.

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