Christopher Lydon interviews Jim Behrle

I downloaded the fat zip file of Christopher Lydon interviews and am listening to them, pretty much in alphabetical order because that’s how they ended up in WinAmp. The first one I listened to was with blogger/poet Jim Behrle. It was pretty good, better than I was expecting. Listening to interviews with bloggers about blogging sounds like it could be as fascinating as an interview with reporters about whether they prefer #2 to #3 pencils and whether they take notes on lined or unlined paper. In fact, this one was pretty engaging. Although I haven’t done the radio interview for five years now, and only did a couple of them for Del Rey a few years back, I always feel like I might get back into it and always am interested in listening to good examples of the form. You never know what you are going to have to steal in this business, so best to stay prepared.

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