Teresa Nielsen-Hayden has a post about web sites that locate good cities for you as well as some comments about the general perception of certain areas. She includes a reference to this neighborhood finder thingie. Just for grins, I ran my current neighborhood through it and got this as the demography:

Southside City: Solo Parents & Single Service Workers – 37.28%
Young Influentials: Upwardly Mobile Singles & Couples – 15.02%
Gray Collars: Aging Couples in Inner Suburbs – 11.96%

Putting in the new neighborhood gives this:

Money & Brains: Sophisticated Urban Fringe Couples – 21.79%
Bohemian Mix: Bohemian Singles & Couples – 20.16%
Young Literati: Upscale Urban Singles & Couples – 15.89%
Mid-City Mix: Urban Mix, Singles & Couples – 13.81%
Towns & Gowns: College Town Singles – 11.91%

That’s us – a “sophisticated urban fringe couple.” Does fringe modify the urban part, or the couple part?

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