Winding Down

I’m walking through my house, boxing up the little bit of stuff that didn’t go on the moving truck, cleaning up and generally getting the place ready to be unoccupied for a while. I am just so completely worn out! I don’t want to be doing any of it. The downside of it is that it sucks, the upside is that there is only at most one more day. Tomorrow evening I drive to Augusta to see my family, then I will spend the rest of the weekend with my wife and father-in-law in Goldsboro NC. From there, I drive to Evanston for good. What an exhausting finish to an exhausting couple of months! I can’t wait to be settled in the new place, with nowhere to go (and working from home indefinitely) and lots of time to get things how I want it. Packing is more stressful to me, because there is only so much time – when you have to leave, when the moving truck is pulling out the stuff must be packed. Unpacking can take as long as you can stand the box sitting there.

I’m getting detailed to death. This evening I realized that I never got the stuff from the safety deposit box and that I still have to turn in my cable modem and cable box. I have no idea where to go to do that. The details keep on coming.

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