Lack of sleep, anxiety, the isolation of living by myself in an empty house are all driving me batty. For no good reason other than a workplace dare, I shaved my meager facial hair into a “fu manchu” mustache. Sadly, although it’s been a week since my last full shave, you can barely notice it. I was hoping for a Lemmy Kilmeister look, instead I have a “you’ve got something smudged on your face” look.

Now is the point in this final final move that was much like that 10 minutes before the moving truck got here – the point where things stop being important. Things I would have liked to do but didn’t get to are getting jettisoned. My plan was to get the house ready, pack up my stuff in my car, go to work and then just leave for good from work. I don’t think that’s going to happen, as I’m not sure there is enough time. I might have to come home for lunch, do whatever needs doing and possibly not go back to work if there is too much of that. I always underestimate how much work is involved in this kind of thing. Repeat to self “It’s almost over.”

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4 thoughts on “Delirious”

  1. My eyemodule is busted, but I can take an actual film photo and mail it to you. It’s really hard to see anything, my facial hair is so bad.

  2. speaking of hardly any facial hair, chuck p seems to be growing a mustache and he shaves the center part under his nose. its quite disgusting

  3. After I shaved the fu down to a toothbrush moustache, I couldn’t look in the mirror without laughing. Even Darlene was laughing, even as she was telling me how awful it was. It’s all gone, down to my baseline one day stubble now.

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