Day One of New Life

Well, I can’t say I got a whole tremendous amount done for work today, but I do have everything set up. My computer works, I can VPN to the office and a lot of the stuff I was worrying about is fine (and stuff I never gave a second thought to didn’t work at first!) I don’t feel too badly about this, in retrospect it is kind of unreasonable to expect such major upheaval to come about without any repercussions. I’m still kind of zoned and weary and not that great at thinky stuff right now. I managed to delete the inbox on my Macintosh, so all those e-mails I was saving to answer later are gone and it is no one’s fault by my own. I was kind of bummed and full of that “I am such an idiot” self-loathing that I tend to feel at first. Now, I think of it as a liberation. I can get the last two weeks back, and the rest of it is just vaporized into the aether. If I hadn’t replied to the email in two years, what were the odds I was going to get on that today? None. Now I’m free of all those things, I can start over and all will be fine. Life is good, I’m in my beautiful new house with my beautiful wife and beautiful dog. Time to get on about having a beautiful life!

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