Contortionist Cockfight

As a reminder, a few weeks back I provided the new name for the joint weblog of my friends Ed and JonnyX called Assclown Cockfight (which name I still can’t say without laughing.) JonnyX has really been into Chuck Palahniuk lately, going to lots of readings. Chuck has been raving about this book by Craig Clevenger called The Contortionist’s Handbook, which Jonny bought, read, loved and talked about on his weblog. Now Clevenger has a rundown of weblogs talking about his book which includes the statement

Assclown Cockfight wins the award for the most hilarious name

I’ll have to agree with that. This was a real win-win. I got to coin the name, gave it away, and then I can enjoy it without ever having to use it on my own weblog. I’m not generally embarassable, but JX has even less shame than me. Everyone’s a winner!

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  1. you mentioned the clownshoe cocksucker, and craig emailed me with the title asswipe clowncock. i should start keep track of the combos

  2. It’s like a William Burroughs book, with the same or nearly the same cut up and put back together in different ways. How literary!

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