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Let me be the first to admit that I may have over-romanticized the Chicago/Evanston area. I’ve been talking about how – contrary to what my prejudices would lead me to believe – people in Chicago are nicer and calmer than in Atlanta. One data point was that people drive less aggressively here. While in general I do believe that is true (you can drive only 70 MPH on the interstate here without getting killed, unlike Atlanta) I have seen a fair bit of pointless road nonsense lately. Last night, crossing the street from one shopping center to the Westfield Mall in Skokie, the guy behind me was freaking out that I wasn’t making the right turn on red. He was making waving gestures and tapping his horn. I, like, didn’t have a turn signal on. I guess it was just out of his range of comprehension that I might possibly not be turning. I hope he felt like the asshole he is when I went straight at the green. A similar thing happened earlier in the day, when a tiny old lady was honking at some guy for not going at an intersection – except the light was still red. I guess if she had been in front, she’d have run it. So, Chicago drivers might be somewhat calmer but they ain’t perfect.

I also accidentally ran across an interesting Chicago site, Gapers Block. It has lots of local stuff, a calendar, restaurant reviews and other good links for me to explore.

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