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So I started noticing in my referer list to the right that I was getting hits from I looked there, and sure enough there is a link to this site on there. By digging around, I realized that this is the blog site for Colleen Lindsay, who I know (sort of). I worked a little for her freelance doing interviews for Del Rey. I was kind of the replacement for the highly talented Paul Witcover who did it before me and was tied up editing for one of the print on demand places that exploded. I haven’t done anything for Del Rey in years, I was assuming that with Paul not tied up that they want back to him as the primary. I think it’s cool that she linked to me at all.

As I explored a little more, I see that Kuo-Yu Liang is also a sometime contributor to the blog. Kuo-Yu is truly the man! He’s one of those people who has championed me and my radio show far beyond the call of duty. He had Del Rey underwrite part of our satellite years, he put me in touch with Colleen about the freelance work, he bought me dinner or drinks a number of times. I first met him when Allan Cole and Chris Bunch browbeat him into bringing me and my brother along to dinner at Trader Vic’s during a DragonCon, must be ten years on now. We hit it off, and he’s been a completely great guy to me ever since. I met a lot of folks at Del Rey that were very good to me – Ellie Lang (who I actually dealt with before she was at Del Rey), Ellen Key Harris who was Nicola Griffith’s editor, Kuo-Yu, Colleen, Patrick Price. That’s a good crew out there. I’m not sure how many of these folks are still there besides Colleen but I enjoyed working with them all. Not having these interactions is what I most miss about the radio show.

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  1. Hello Evil Genius!

    Long time no talk to! So, if you’re interested, we probably do still have some freelance Q&A’s for ya. Paul is overwhelmed with everything we give him.

    Lessee, as to who is still here at Del Rey. We went through that merger thing with BDD right about when I started. Patrick is gone. Ellie is gone. Chris Cabello (nee Levis) is still here and our director of marketing. Shelly Shapiro is still here. Kuo-Yu is not here, but he is now running Diamond Book Distributors. He and I are going out to Seattle on Friday to hang out with Terry Brooks.

    Shoot me an email sometime, dude!

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