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On the Gibson Blog I found this link to MultiBabel. It takes an English text, and runs it through Babelfish over and over, translating English to French and back, then running that result through German and so on. These leads to some odd distortions. For fun, here is my previous entry after having been babeled. Most of it isn’t that funny, but I am partial to the passage “within illuminates to me in
the type that freaking of which I did not give to form the right, the
red color. “.

The duration of lazy Chicago is I in the first place the end to allow
it to me what latta an excess has – romanticized here the scale of
Chicago/Evanston. It had spoken ignited, like – opposition of,
therefore my damages of me I bought it that I, carry far to believe –
people of the Chicago and more of the most pleasant calm of the one
than the Atlanta. A point of the profile was that people lead here to
small most competitive. When the creed extends generally, to the
morning, of that mountain applicable it (he can only lead the 70 M/H
of a circumstance another ignition, it go here to the killed
extension, with the difference of absurdities of Atlanta) will not be
justified little only of the way behind. The night, of that, the way
of negocŽÃŽ­a of center which they are spold of the passage to the
tree-lined avenue of Westfield in Skokie, within illuminates to me in
the type that freaking of which I did not give to form the right, the
red color. It gave the form to the gestures that shake and wrote the
relative horn. Is, central line, of the return had not had marks
ignited here. I consider that it came outside sufficient from the
relative distance from grippaggio, of which I I could not probably
give return. I hope that he creates like moron that he is, when I have
the attacato directly he with the green one. A similar what fŽÃŽªz a
stage soon, like old small of cornait of the lady with a solved type,
decree not to undertake a way in the attack – it was the light was
always red. I consider, if I am in the front part, he the end to work
would leave it. Therefore the conductor of the calm of Chicago more
could something to be, but they are not perfect. On the other hand I
worked involuntary of an interesting place of the total of Chicago,
block of Gapers. It has a good number of the local substance, the
calendar, the relations of the restaurant and other good connections,
the way that the study.

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