For whatever reason, Localfeeds.com is not updating my position change from Atlanta to Chicago. I didn’t even know I was in Localfeeds until a few days ago when it started showing up in my refererrers. I updated my GeoURL coordinates a week ago (my office wasn’t unpacked, but my ICBM coordinates were correct) and they correctly moved me to Chicago almost immediately. I wonder what the issue is here? I looked around on the site and there appears to be no way to communicate to them when things are going awry. I guess I’m just going to let it hang and expect that maybe one day things will get changed.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t figure on getting Ross himself here. I guess in retrospect he probably looks at the feeds in Localfeeds and noticed the title. I stumbled across an optimal notification mechanism! I appreciate your efforts. I see today that I am in the chicago one. All is well.

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