CJUG again

The CJUG meeting was pretty good. I was fretting some about getting there, but as it turned out taking the Metra was pretty plush, fairly fast, and took me across the street from where I wanted to be. Hard to beat that with a stick. The meeting itself was informative. The JUnit portion wasn’t of use to me, since I already know more than the introduction gave. The demo of the Spark Browser was more interesting and infromative to me, a SDK that allows for the conversion of web pages as HTML into arbitrary data that can be accessed via a Java API. I went ahead and paid my $40 to join for the year, figuring that I’ll be attending most or all of the events. What I didn’t realize is that they bring pizza, or I wouldn’t have had a big polish dog right before the meeting. Because my train got in about 45 minutes before the meeting, I wandered for a few blocks in every direction, scouting out what was around there. All in all, it was fun. I noticed on the ride home that the president of CJUG was on the same train as me, but he was heading even farther north than I. If you wanted to, you could stay on that train all the way to Wisconsin!

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