RIAA, own worst enemy

I have a bunch of RIAA related links that I’ve been saving from FeedOnFeeds to post in one big lump. I think I’ve changed my mind, though. I’m so burned out on them that I don’t care enough to criticize them anymore. They are doing a better job of maligning themselves than I could do anyway.

Here’s a link to a great quote about the RIAA and why CD sales are slumping I found in the Shifted Librarian blog. I found this from looking at the Chicago Localfeeds (which BTW I’m now in, thanks Ross!) All interesting. In fact, today I was planning on going into downtown Evanston to get my library card. If I wasn’t already planning to do it, one thing that makes it even better is that you can check out ebooks online with it! I’m not sure if they’re using the Fictionwise library product or another one. You need the library card to even get to the first page, so I’ll have to report back later on that. I love libraries, ever since I spent much of my youth sitting in the ones in Superior NE and Norton KS. The Evanston one looks pretty durned good so far.

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