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Holy hell, I found a brilliant blog just now. Looking at Chicago Localfeeds, I ran across this article on how to defeat the right in three minutes. This is a must read. Now, go read it! It’s all about a counter-drumbeat to the relentless drumbeat we get every day, how liberals are destroying the country and all the other cheap, non-factual crap you hear every day all over the rightwing media. Read the article, but it boils down to this: never forget that conservatives are driven by cheap labor. Everything they want and everything they do is about making labor cheaper so they can get richer. She or he (don’t know which) proposes things like this:

So there you have it, in one easy-to-remember phrase. See how easy it is to understand these cheap-labor conservatives. The more ignorant and destitute people there are Žâ€“ desperate for any job they can get Žâ€“ the cheaper the cheap-labor conservatives can get them to work.

Try it. Every time you respond to a cheap-labor conservative in letters to the editor, or an online discussion forum, look for the “cheap labor” angle. Trust me, you’ll find it. I can even show you the “cheap labor” angle in things like the “war on drugs”, and the absurd conservative opposition to alternative energy.

Next, make that moniker Žâ€“ cheap-labor conservatives Žâ€“ your “standard reference” to the other side. One of the last revisions I made to this article was to find every reference to “conservatives”, “Republicans”, “right-wingers”, and “righties”, and replace it with “cheap-labor conservatives”. In fact, if you’re a cheap-labor conservative reading this, you should be getting sick of that phrase right about now. Exxxxcellent.

This is the most sensible meme-crafting advice to counter the cheap-labor right I have ever seen. Essential reading, citizens and patriots!

[Update] – In my excitement, I failed to notice that this is a repost of an article that first appeared on Conceptual Guerilla. Doesn’t alter its brilliance, just the original source.

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