I Want to Ride My Bicycle

So my lunchtime bike adventure was a mixed success. I did in fact ride my bike from the house to downtown Evanston. I pointedly did not note how long it took because I don’t really want to know, not yet at least. I made it downtown, bought the new Sandman graphic novel, Endless Nights at Something Wicked. I ate across the street at Baja Fresh and my original plan called for spending a little time working from the Border’s bookstore right by there. However, like the non-detail-oriented dumbass that I am, I brought my Kryptonite lock but not the key. Since I couldn’t lock up the bike and I didn’t want it to walk away, I regrettably had to skip the hanging out at Border’s part. That’s a shame, because I wanted to digest my lunch and rest a little before tackling the ride home, but them’s the breaks.

All in all it went well. Note to self, though: when lighting out on the first bike ride in three years, 7 mile round trip is probably too ambitious. I made it, but it wasn’t pretty and wasn’t much to be proud of. By the time I got home, I was barely moving. However, I did it. I got out of the house and got moving, went somewhere and got back. The bike being out of repair probably made it a little harder than it should have been – I could hear it squeaking at several points – but the other 95% of that was pure me. While it is true that this made it very clear that I have become an out of shape lardass, it is also true that I actually went and did something. Not so bad. By a little clever map research, I was able to find a route that was very calm, had few cars and very little scary traffic moments. I will definitely do this again,

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