Vanessa, wife of my friend Shannon who I mention here, forwards on some “pi-ku” or pirate haiku she wrote for the day. Since they live in Oregon, which is the epicenter of pirate talking, it is only appropriate. Here we go:

A hole in yer leg
Is only a problem when
Holdin’ yer liquor.

Sail, sail o’er the main,
Ain’t got no teeth nor shoes
Who gives a dang.

“Yo Ho!” is the cry
Wooden leg and wooden eye
Only three termites.

See the rose sunset
The azure sea teems with life
Lice and man made one.

and then a couple in honor of Pirates of the Carribean (the first is my favorite of all these):

Look ho!ŽÂŽ  The Black Pearl!
Cannons blasting, sails unfurled.
Pass the popcorn, Jack.

Pirates prefer large
Choc’late covered cannonballs
over plain black ones.

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