One More Chance to Get It Right

Since I’m unloading boxes of books onto empty bookshelves, I thought I might try to take advantage of this situation, and once and for all get them organized. My intention is to alphabetize by author/editor all the hardbacks and trade paperbacks in one section, and then all the paperbacks in another. One bookcase is set aside for computer and technical books, another for comics, graphic novels and SF magazines. We shall see how this all works. At the very least, if I have to double row the paperbacks to make them all fit, being alphabetized and organized will make it easier to find specific books. I’ve gotten very weary of it being easier to check out books from the library than find them on my shelves. My friend and programming parter at work Darin writes in his weblog about his experiences organizing and using Julie Morgenstern’s book Organizing from the Inside Out, which I also have. I have been a disorganized mess my whole life and it wears on my every day. I want to change that, and maybe this time I’ll see it through.

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