Max Cleland speaks out

Here’s something that makes me proud to have worked on Senator Cleland’s 2002 reelection campaign – a column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution comparing our war in Iraq to Vietnam. An excerpt:

The president has declared “major combat over” and sent a message to every terrorist, “Bring them on.” As a result, he has lost more people in his war than his father did in his and there is no end in sight.

Military commanders are left with extended tours of duty for servicemen and women who were told long ago they were going home. We are keeping American forces on the ground, where they have become sitting ducks in a shooting gallery for every terrorist in the Middle East.

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President. Sorry you didn’t go when you had the chance.

Strong stuff, and necessary stuff. I wish he was talking like this in 2002, he might still be Georgia’s Senator in that case. Link via the Daily Kos.

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