Chuck Palahniuk’s Announcement

I like to listen to Chuck Palahniuk’s audio blog because I like his books and I like the way the blogs sound. The way he begins them all with “Hey this is Chuck” and closes with “Talk to you later” it provides the illusion that he’s leaving you an answering machine message. I guess from his end of the transaction that’s exactly what he does.

On the most recent one at this writing is an unusually long entry, apparently precipitated by a reporter printing something he asked to be off the record, namely that he has been involved with and living with the same man for eleven years. This entry is touching, and is kind of awkward in that way I imagine all “coming out of the closet” speeches are. He mentions in it being blackmailed by journalists not to print this aspect of his life. I’m not really sure what negative impact it could have, unless he is worried that the macho poseurs in his audience will find this macho fiction untenable if written by a gay man. He sounds like a really good guy, one that cares about his audience and feels bad when he doesn’t get to talk to and shake hands with everyone at a signing, one who personally answers every piece of mail and generally tries to reward the people who care enough to read his work. I’m sure that wasn’t easy and wasn’t the way he wanted it to be, I’m sure he doesn’t want to have to have all his work framed as “gay fiction”, but I hope his life is easier now that this is out in the open, god bless him.

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6 thoughts on “Chuck Palahniuk’s Announcement”

  1. jonny says:

    I heard that while i was down on tour. I guess he pulled that blog and other dudes or whatever are freaking out saying they want to kill that lady. I think things are getting blown out of proportion or something. I read that article and it didnt seem to revealing or anything but maybe coming from him or him reading it he felt like it was obvious? Anyway you should get that EW my picture is in it!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    Your picture is in it? Super cool! You know, I had the brief thought that I should download that audio blog entry and keep it for posterity, but I didn’t. It was touching and sweet and I wish I could listen to it again. Oh well. They promise on the CP fora that all will become clear with his next entry and that he isn’t backtracking from coming out. Can’t wait, I want to see what’s up.

  3. jonny says:

    yeah i know what you mean about that blog. jackie left it on my voicemail and i still have it and she also downloaded the mp3 thinking that it might get taken off. I can shoot it off to you when i get home.

  4. Bill Shunn says:

    Nice post, Dave. I’ve never read a Palahniuk novel, but now I think I’ll buy one in support.

  5. Dave says:

    I just finished Fugitives and Refugees yesterday. It’s interesting that I used to walk right by some of the weirdest shit in town and never knew it.

    I’m going to read one of his novels that I can get from Fictionwise. For a change, they are available in ebook for a reasonable price, not at the hardcover price scale. Since I’m in the Buywise club, I can get Choke, Diary or Lullaby for right at $7 apiece. I’m thinking I’ll start with Diary, but I’m sure I’ll get all three eventually.

  6. Bill Shunn says:

    I did end up reading <i>Fight Club</i>, and goll-dang me if I didn’t like it significantly more than the movie.

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