Orycon Schedule

Today I saw my program schedule for this year’s Orycon. I have not been 100% if I would make it although I really want to, if just to hang out with Portland buds, go to Powells and see Kelley Eskridge at the Endeavor Award ceremony. This program schedule rocks! I would have been up for more, but I like all three panels. Two of the three were based on my suggestions, so it is poetic justice that I’m on them (solo at the moment.) This makes it much more likely that I’ll go, because it is cool good programming, which if the program is this organized to have a solid schedule together 2 months before the event, that suggests that maybe the convention will be quite good. I always have a good time there, even when everything falls apart, just because of hanging out with fun people. Now, even better than last year I have months to prepare for these two solo panels. I can bring an iRiver full of good OTR stuff for the Old Time Radio on MP3 panel, I can think about the Golden Age of SF panel and possibly try to recruit some other folks. Robert Sheckley will be there and I know him a little, maybe I can get him on the panel. Hell, even Hank Reinhardt of Museum Replicas will be there – he’s another person I have met in Georgia fandom. This is shaping up to be fun, folks!

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