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From Joel Spolsky comes this tale of the new office space they built for Fog Creek. The space does look very nice and I particularly like the clever way all the offices get faux corner offices by allowing people a window to see out the neighboring office’s window. I don’t believe I have ever worked in what I would call “good” office space in the software industry. What I have right now, in my office which is the whole basement of this house, with my desk overlooking floor to ceiling windows onto a backyard full of birds, squirrels, chipmonks and the occasional rabbit – this beats the best space I’ve ever had provided for me by a company.

I might be more sensitive to location than most. When my last office moved from Piedmont Center in Buckhead Atlanta, out to the Perimeter Mall area, I found this a huge step down. For me, living in Midtown it was a much longer drive on which I had to take congested interstates where I could get to Buckhead via surface streets. Walking even across the street was dangerous, where we had a number of restaurants and things to do walking distance in Buckhead. Actually, we had stuff the same distance at Perimeter but with a punishing hazardous walk that I made but always thought I was crazy for doing. For me, happiness is always increased by having things close enough to walk to. People don’t understand when I am equally happy in small towns and inside city centers that this is the common factor. For me, I’m least happy in suburbs way away from anything where anything you do involves first getting in a car. The less car involvement in my life, the happier I am.

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