Indigo Girls on WREK

This is a timely link – at this writing and until about 8 PM EST on October 2, 20003, an old performance of Indigo Girls from 1989 is available via streaming from WREK’s archive of their program The Underground Recordings. You can stream either high bandwidth or a low bandwidth suitable for dialups. For you fans of Indigo Girls, this is a must listen document. Don’t dawdle on this, you have five days until the archive gets overwritten by next weeks episode.

What I most like about this show, since they tend to focus on WREK in-studio performances from 1985 to about 1990, is hearing ones that I remember being in the studio for. It’s possible, although I don’t have clear memories of it, that I was there for this one. I know I was there for most or all of the Michelle Malone shows in that period. There’s one episide where I jumped up on the desk in the office area and started dancing, and she yelled something like “They’re dancing on the tables in the studio! You at home, get up and dance!” If they ever re-air that one, I’m the male go-go dancer that provokes that outburst. Ah, memories!

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