Fox Vs. Tucker Carlson

You know, I have nothing but contempt for Tucker Carlson. Even so, I wouldn’t have done what Fox did by publishing his home phone number on their website. His prank of giving out the Fox Washington bureau number on the air and saying it was his number at the house was stupid, but reasonable retaliation on Fox’s part would have been to give out CNN’s number, or even Carlson’s CNN office number. Giving out the home number so his wife and children could get harangued by lockstep Fox zombies is bullshit. The stupid bastards at Fox seem to be systematically attempting to destroy what tiny bit of credibility they have, and have outed themselves as a bunch of whiny, litigious, partisan, mean-spirited peckerheads. I’ll never watch them again after their absurd, unethical behavior of the last 9 months or so. I’m also going to quit writing about them here. This is the last entry about them, because I’m wishing them into the cornfield.

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