US Poverty Rises

Ah, Bush administration economic policies at work. For the second straight year, the number of Americans in poverty rose. While the administration focuses on making sure that rich Americans pay less tax, getting American citizens to pay for needlessly destroying Iraqi infrastructure and then pay for rebuilding it, the number of poor Americans rises.

In a related story, the National Priorities Project has a list of what the new round of funding (the additional $87 billion that the administration is stumpoing for) could buy if it was spent domestically.

$15.0 billion for school construction resulting in 356,475 new jobs,
105,319 new affordable housing units, creating 257,820 new jobs,


$15.0 billion for local and state roads and bridges, creating 423,131 new jobs,


418,060 new firefighters,

health care coverage for 5,723,077 people.

Like the Letterman joke goes “Bush is asking for $87 billion to rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure, to improve their police and school systems. Then, if it works over there, we’ll do it here.”

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3 thoughts on “US Poverty Rises”

  1. I have had Fibromyalgia and Hidradenitis Suppurativa since 1995. After I gave birth to my fourth baby. Was formally diagnosed in 2003 (i think it was). I am too young to feel this crappy. I am only 35 and feel like I am 90. I have gained weight as well due to lack of energy. I have so many other medical problems that I dont even want to list them all. I am (however) pretty sure most have came from extreme stress.

    At this point in time I feel really terrible. My husband has a MAJOR bad back and so I have tried really hard to help with bills, but I keep loosing jobs due to sickness and pain. He was a carpenter for 15 years and literly broke his back providing for us.

    He has applied for Social Security/Dissability but got denied first time but is trying again, so now we are two seconds away from being a homeless family of six. There is NO decent support systems out there to aid people like us. While you wait to be denied repeatedly (appartently the normal way it works) Families like us are to LOOSE everything. We dont have drug problems, or anything that could actually get us help. Just a family with TWO dissabled parents. We are quite the pair at this point LOL. Two people that are BOTH disabled.

    So in the middle of all of this, I have to be battling Fibro. It has consumed me whole at this point. Pain has gotten severe at the WORST time in our lives. Right now I need to be able to find and KEEP a job to help my husband but this pain has me in a choke hold. Now we are endlessly in a financial downward spiral and I feel really lost.

    We are commited to our church (methodist) but sometimes I secretly feel just plain alone. Sometimes I feel like noone but my husband understands all of this. I used to be a very energetic person prior to this illness and I dont know what to do.

    There are alot of people out there who LIKE to call themselves “christians” but don’t seem to give a crap about the needy and the poor. We have came cross some very wonderful people but also some very greedy, mean, and thoughtless ones as well. Seems to me that our own president is one of the greedy ones. Why does he want to play savior to Iraq (yes, i know it isnt really that) when there are families like ours who NEED help right here in the USA?


  2. Hi Lena,

    This is Tammie 🙂 Was just doing some surfing and ran across you again. Hang in there. You and your Husband, like myself and many many others are the ones that get our butts kicked.

    It’s not the totally poor, They get benefits up the butt. The can get section 8 housing for life, free medical, food stamps, free college and job training, free cars if they are on DES JOBS programs. Free tokens for bus’s and subways. Free Thanksgiving baskets and Free Christmas for the KIds courtesy of whatever charitable organization drew thier names and then there is US.

    We are the ones who worked for a living, did not live on the system, tried to make it down the middle and got screwed. We are the ones who when life threw us a curveball and we ended up on disability, we were penelized for it. Yep, I was labeled disabled due to the severity of the HS amongst other things and because I as a single mother had educated myself ( college wise) and sought a decent living for myself and my kids, got kicked squarely in the ass by the same Gov’t that i worked for!


    Ha! And my kids, they were penalized too. Even though we were on poverty level, they could not have state Medicaid for 12 months because I was no longer working even though it was due to severe disability. And NO, I never qualified for food stamps and for Medical, you can only make $489.00 per month in AZ to get Med help. I know people on Welfare who make more then that, but that doesn’t count.

    I have come precariously close to losing my home on several ocassions and it is always due to medications etc. When I did get Medicare, Oh Goody, It didn’t pay for scripts, AS a diabetic and a person with Chronic HS, my meds are around 450 a month. I was scammed out of hundreds filing out applications to drug companies for “FREE” medicine or assistance. Some of those companies charge from 25 to 100 per application and then deny you. So they are again making money on our bad luck.

    Anyway, enough of my rant, I just wanted to touch base and say “Hang in there Sister” I know how it is! We are just a few of MANY.

    Peace and Blessings
    Tammie Ferris
    HS Help and Information line 24/7

  3. In response to poverty rises and to the two women previusly posted about tehir situations and dealings with the welfare and diaability structures. i understand. I am a disabled woman as well and while waiting for my dissability my husband was hurt very badly and we have only one child. My heart truly goes out to both of you. It is tremendously hard to make it with 2 adults being dissabled. And or a single parent working hurt! it angers me so much. And yes we have alsio been going round and round with the ssd office as well. My congressmans office via email and phone calls helped me to get dissability done faster. And i am forever gratefull for the person who gave me that little tidbit of iformation and ever happy to pass it along! I hope it helps both of you., How in the world are you suppose to make it in arizona or tim buck too on 550.00 per month? i certainly cannot make it on 640.00 per month and get this, every time i get a 37 doallar raise in my ssd. i get a 40.oo deduction on my food stamps so. I really do not like to see any raises anympore they cost me more in the long run, now whats wrong with this picture? lol. crazy! they act like they do not know how to do the math in washington, but they do it is just that they do not know how to do it in the favor no doubt! how sad that is . And you are absoluley right we were turned down for help with finacial assitance because our house had not burned down. so even though we are struggling really bad we are told that if our house were to be burned down on top of it all then we could get help. things are not bad enough for you all… we want your house to now burn down before WE the govt. will assit you! then we will help you build another house! gee thanks uncle sam, are you trying to put me in prison for arsen? lol Crazy!! Now, on top of it all, i go to the grocery store today with my f/stamp card inhand ( i’m so proud! …not!) anyhow, i get there and get groceries i come home and look at the receipt and the girl at the register who almost kept my card and is always making me feel nervous for some reason. has deducted 15 extra dollars off of my f.stamps debit card! so now, i have to worry about the cashoier and her looking at my pin number and stealing what little bit i have. Unbelievable! i cannot belive that! only here! You gotta keep your sense of humor or you will go insane! goo d luck ladies we are all in the same boat and it seems to be a BIg boat …..looks like it is the titanic!!!
    sincerley, Dawn

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