Fugitives and Refugees

I finished this book yesterday. It is a short book, bordering on the insubstatial – I read it in about 90 minutes. I wish this book had been available when I lived in Portland. There is a lot of crazy shit going on that you’d never know. I found it interesting some of the wild things that happen in buildings I have walked past one hundred times without noticing. Really, my favorite part of the book was the “postcards” sections, short anecdotes of the real life Palahniuk describing working in a hospice, getting beat up, being part of a “Santa Rampage”, exploring the Shanghai tunnels under the city. It was a fun read, and I’ll have to keep some of this in mind if/when I go back for Orycon in November. I’d recommend this to anyone, but if you are planning a visit to Portland anytime soon it is a must read. I’m so bummed – the 24 hour Church of Elvis is closed!

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