Neal Stephenson interview

For a second, I thought my boy Chris Snider at SciFi Dimensions had really landed a coup with this interview with Neal Stephenson. By carefully examining it, though, I noticed that this was supplied by HarperCollins. By and large, it is pretty interesting although I think there were a few funky questions and the interviewer missed the boat by misinterpreting “not doing primary research” as “not doing any research.” Yikes, very different!

This is exactly the kind of interview I was doing (and luck holding, maybe will again do) for Del Rey. I did one with Robert Newcombe (nice guy, but the book was about as far from what I read as you can get) and one with Greg Bear on Vitals. I like doing interviews, and now 5 years after mothballing the radio show I’m itching to get back in this again.

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