That Familiar Feeling

Here it goes again. Watching the Braves lose last night started the whole thing again, flashbacks of years past. On the one hand, I’m in a no lose proposition here. Either my team of primary loyalty wins, or the local team for where I live now wins. Not a bad deal. I just hate watching my guys, who are always so talented, get so far and then lay down. God help me, I hope they come to life tonight.

I’m also pissed off at the slackard fans in Atlanta. If they hadn’t left so many seats unfilled, there wouldn’t have been so many Cubs fans flying and driving down to fill up Turner Field. It was like playing an away game in your own stadium. It’s downright embarassing. This is part of why I didn’t mind getting out of there. I still love the team, but the town was wearing on me. The half-assed self-important yuppie types that have taken over my town are hard to take.

Please, let them win tonight. I have talked way too much smack for them to do this to me.

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