Rush Stews In His Own Juices

I had heard the flapdoodle about Rush’s stupid comments about black quarterbacks, how they get overrated because “the media wants black quarterbacks to succeed.” This is a typical Rush pantsload about how black people get all the breaks. That’s why they control so much of the wealth and political power of this country. Oh wait, they don’t? Hmm. When a friend IM’d me asking if I’d heard about Rush, this is what I thought he meant. Turns out he was asking if I had heard the allegations about him buying illegal pain pills. This is one to watch. After years and years of him loadly decrying liberal America and their namby pamby treatment of drug offenders, of wanting to treat them medically rather than lock them up like the animals they are, he’s (allegedly) the drug offender now. May his wish come true, may he get for himself what he has always advocated for drug offenders. What justice could be more poetic?

Another nugget of wisdom from Rush. He had this bit of startingly surreal nonsense about the black QB affair:

“All this has become the tempest that it is because I must have been right about something,” Limbaugh said. “If I wasn’t right, there wouldn’t be this cacophony of outrage that has sprung up in the sports writer community.”

Let’s think about that. When people get mad about stupid things you say, that means they must be right. Isn’t Rush’s career based on being mad about things liberals say? By this logic, that means there is something to what they say.

Here’s a link to some press release entitled Most Attacks on Rush Limbaugh are Hypocritical, Opportunistic and Silly, Says Conservative Group . Again, poetic justice. When you make your career on hypocritical and opportunistic attacks of others, that might come back to bite you. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Mess with the bull, you get the horns. Takes one to know one. Other aphorisms may apply. That press release works very hard to willfully ignore what the controversy is about. It is not whether or not Donovan McNabb is overrated. That’s a fair question. Saying that he is overrated specifically because the media (and isn’t Rush more the media than anyone?) wants black quarterbacks to succeed and will thus lie and say that bad ones are good in this quest to have good black quarterbacks, that’s from where the trouble stems. Saying that black people who are failures are pawned off as successes because we all love black people so much and thus give them all the good bounces is overtly racist, demonstrably not true, and really creepy. There’s your controversy, not that there is some “hidden truth or else no one would be upset.” That’s a complete cop out and is the kind of statement only ever uttered by someone who has been justifiably busted for saying something stupid.

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