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Here’s a company that is selling legally licensed MAME ROMs, an outfit called StarROMS. Thus far, it looks like only Atari is on board, but I would expect others to come around. It’s a no-lose proposition for the game companies. They make no money when you download their ROMs from some overseas FTP site, so even if there isn’t much money in this way, it’s more than the zero they currently see. Customers get a chance to buy legal ROMs, do the right thing, and don’t have to waste their time hunting down pirate copies. $2.50 to buy a legal version of the Red Baron arcade game? Hell yeah, I’m on it. I already have a non-legal version but I want to show my support. When Galaga and Elevator Action are available, I’ll buy them too. These are the only ones I play anyway.

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  1. StarRoms is still there, but there doesn’t seem to be many ROMs available to buy, even now

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