Well, ok, the thing I’m working on. After tabling it for a long time, I’m back in earnest on my night and weekend project. I busted it last week to get my infrastructure in place. I had a very meager shell of this working before, with Cayenne as the object/relational layer, MySQL as the database, using Struts on Tomcat. After rethinking scalability, developability and data integrity issues, I decided to switch a lot of the pieces. I’m starting over, using the same basic schema but with Hibernate as the O/R layer, PostGreSQL as the database. I haven’t decided on a servlet engine, but it really doesn’t matter. I have installed the Jetty plugin that will allow me to run the servlets and JSP from inside Eclipse, so that should be good. Oh, and I’m using Subversion as the source control.

The biggest part of this last week was just getting past all the big infrastructural stoppers. I made a big commitment to myself. I wanted to get the project to the point where I could work on it in 15 and 30 minute chunks. I want to be able to sit down, have a little time and say “OK, let’s get this one method working.” When your issues are that you need to install a different database, learn how to work with a different database access layer, and things like that, it doesn’t break into small chunks. I took the time to get past that, and now work should proceed. I have most of my primitive objects modeled and working with Hibernate. Once I have them all, the next step will be to reintroduce Struts and begin working with that. A large number of the hits this weblog gets from search engines involves some Struts errors I wrote about 4 months ago. I hope to be able to get back in and have worked through those issues enough to be able to answer the questions soon.

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