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I didn’t get to see Game 4. For some reason I was sure it was later, and we were experiencing the joy of furniture shopping in Schaumburg while it was happening. I found out it was on by walking by TVs in Ikea. There’s something odd about standing in a knot of people in a crowded story watching a TV, knowing that you are rooting for the opposite of every one of them. We furniture shopped till we couldn’t take it any more, then went off to dinner at Red Robin. We loved Red Robin in Portland and ate there frequently. It’s nice to have them available to us, but neither one is what you’d call convenient. We thought hauling up to Deerfield was a drag until we drove from Evanston to Schaumburg. I can say that’s a trip we won’t be making every day. However, next door to Red Robin is a Todai sushi buffet! That’s another place I loved in Portland.

It might be possible that one day I go nuts, decide to take a stack of work with me and drive to Schaumburg and sit and work in the sushi buffet restaurant for a few hours. When I was in grad school, much of my studying happened in buffet style restaurants. I’d sit there with my books, doing my homework, chugging on the endless drink refills and eating whenever I got a little more peckish. I find that a good way to live life. Depending on whether or not I haul the laptop, I might have to wait for a day when I have mostly offline work to do, like reading and reviewing documents. Neither restuarant is something I can go to at the drop of a hat, but knowing that I have Red Robin and Todai available in the metro area makes me happy.

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