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It appears to be official, or at least as official as these things ever get, that I am the package maintainer for the Cygwin build of Subversion. Part of today will be deconstructing the Cygwin make file that my build generated and figuring out what goes where. I figure what I will do is to add my stuff for generating the package into the Makefile (or the stuf that configure uses to build the Makefile) and try to get that in the official version. That way, my job is less assembling packages by hand when a new version is released but making sure the Makefile is right and just packaging it. Should I ever drop the job, anyone else can package it right there with the Makefile that comes with it. I’m lazy enough to put in the work required to do this.

PS, there is a blosxom plugin that will let you pull your entries from a Subversion repository. Cool! I might actually think about this one. This is a nice solution to the problems of how blosxom handles changed files. There are others that involve inserting metadata into the file itself, which is kind of kludgy. This is a pretty decent solution, and has the upside of allowing you to blog from any computer on which you have a subversion client onto a remote server via HTTP (but this would require installing subversion on the host).

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