Play Ball

The game starts in minutes, and my stomach is tied in knots. I love October ball, and yet I hate October ball. At least the Red Sox won today. It was entirely possible that by the end of today all 4 teams I wanted to advance were knocked out. The Marlins have already won, and the Yankees advanced. Oh well, life goes on. I almost can’t watch the game I’m so nervous.

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2 thoughts on “Play Ball”

  1. Yes there were. No doubt about it, Cubs fans kick the living hell out of slack-assed Braves fans. I was hoping the embarassment of having so many Cubs fans at games 1 and 2 would motivate Atlantans to buy up all the Game 5 tickets. There was no real home field advantage, cuz it was all Cubs fans. I’m disappointed, watching yet another highly talented Braves team play with no heart in the post-season and completely underacheive.

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