I saw a reference to on BoingBoing and I went ahead and joined. I’ve never used Friendster or LiveJournal or other social network type programs, so this is new to me. After a little browsing, I found a few tribes to join, a Subgenius one, a Flaming Lips one, a Mac OS X one and several others. Farting around, I also created two: one for fans of Chuck Palahniuk and one for fans of WREK. Feel free to join either tribe if you have an account. I invited JonnyX to come and be my friend because it was very lonely looking at my profile when it said “0 friends, 0 in your network” every time. How sad. The whole thing seems kind of neat, in a potentially grossly time-wasting sort of way. I got an invite to join a Chicago tribe, so we’ll see how that goes. This experiment is still pending. I have too much stuff to do to waste lots of time, so I must be strong, must be strong.

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