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The Kevin Sites blog is alive again. Now that he is no longer working for CNN and is now freelancing for MSNBC, the restrictions that kept him from blogger no longer exist. This is good stuff, and I’m glad it is back. His entry about his return to Iraq includes this bit from a press conference there:

Another Senator, Greg Thomas from Wyoming, chides the media for not doing enough positive stories on Iraq. It is a common criticism, though one I have trouble digesting. The media frequently obliges the accomplishments of the CPA. Every American television network covered the on-time opening of the Iraqi school year with thousands of students treated to rehabilitated buildings, new desks and textbooks. But when American troops are killed in IraqŽâ€”no one can argue which story should take precedence. It is the first principle of journalistic ethics, Žâ€œlearn the truth and report it.Žâ€ Responsible media donŽâ€™t pursue these casualties as just a policy scorecard, but as an indication of the actual human costs of this endeavor as well as a documentation of the sacrifice made by those individuals.

Good stuff. I’m glad we have his voice again.

PS – looking at his bio I see he is an alumnus of the Northwestern journalism school. It wasn’t till I had some connection to the school that I noticed its alumni are everywhere!

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