Winning the War on Terror

Here’s a collection of links about how well this is all going. We know it is going well, right? After all Bush and Rumsfeld wouldn’t be saying it was going well unless that was true, right?

I’ll insert more of these links as I find them. I hope that the effectiveness of the typical Bush administration strategy, that of “say one thing full of homey platitudes, do the opposite and screw a lot of folks, hope no one notices” is finally over. When the American people finally have gotten pissed at them for mishandling pretty much everything they have touched, the Bush administration suggests it is all our fault for being negative. We play the hand we are dealt, Mister President. You are dealing it. Where is all your talk of personal responsibility, when you are the person responsible for the misery of millions, here and abroad? It is gone, as you try to pass the buck to the powerless and blame them for their outrage. This is unconscionable, hypocritical, un-Christian, and unpresidential.

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