Bush vs. Cuba

Just to prove he is not out of touch with what average Americans need, President Bush delivered a tough speech yesterday against one of the great problems this nation faces: Cuba.

US President George W Bush has announced fresh measures designed to hasten the end of communist rule in Cuba.

They include tightening an American travel embargo to the island, cracking down on illegal cash transfers, and a more robust information campaign aimed at Cuba.

Mr Bush said the punitive measures were being introduced because the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, had acted with “defiance and contempt and a new round of brutal oppression that outraged world conscience”.

If this is really important to the White House, its obvious what should be done. Make up a bunch of lies about how Cuba poses an imminent threat and possesses weapons of mass destruction and invade the place. When I hear bush condemning Castro for “defiance and contempt and a new round of brutal oppression that outraged world conscience” I think that if he wanted to have this rhetoric believed, he shouldn’t have expended his credibility elsewhere. We are now rattling the saber at a country that clearly doesn’t affect us much one way or the other. Americans jobs are being lost, we have tens of thousands of reservists in Iraq indefinitely, we still have never found Osama bin Laden and yet we are worried about Cuba. That’s crazy.

Other than needing to kiss the ass of rich Republican Cuban expats, why is Cuba an urgent issue for us? Because our president needs the votes of the Cuban community in Florida. Whether or not a communist government exists in Cuba has very little effect on my life, and it isn’t one of my priorities to see that changed. Considering how much his father made of the end of the cold war during his term, it’s amazing to watch this administration do all it can to reinstate cold war rhetoric. “We must end communist regimes” doesn’t ring true with me. I’m not losing sleep over the fact that they exist. I think history has proven that the perils of the world slipping into communism were wildly overstated by those who benefited from having this enemy in place. Here’s an idea – forget about Cuba and finish the messes we started in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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