PDA Screen Protectors

The first PDA I owned eventually got a deep scar in the glass, which coincidentally matched the position where the “Next Turn” button was in the backgammon game I played 30 times every day. I tried hard to keep that from happening with the Handspring Prism, making sure to be very ginger with the screen. Eventually I bought some plastic screen protectors from CompanionLink. These things are supposed to be good for a month, that’s what they tell you on the package. In fact, I had the first one I put on for almost a year. It just got hazy enough that I wanted to change it recently. At this rate, I have way more screen protectors than I can reasonably expect to need for the life of this Handspring. I’ve been very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone. I was amazed when I took off the protector to clean the screen and put on a new one. It really does look like new under there. My original Handspring lasted one year before I busted it, and by the end its screen was scratched and pitted and generally looked horrible. Break down and spend the $10 and your screen will look good for a long time.

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