Elliott Smith, R.I.P

Damn, singer/songwriter Elliott Smith is dead at 34. It is at this moment called by the LA County coroner’s office an apparent suicide.

That’s a damn shame. His harrowing song of leading the heroin lifestyle “Needle in the Hay” is a song I have listened to over and over. When it was used in The Royal Tennenbaums as the soundtrack to a suicide, I thought it was eerily appropriate. How sad that Smith would later act that out. Damn.

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3 thoughts on “Elliott Smith, R.I.P”

  1. That really bites, he was from portland too. I love that needle in the hay song, it even mentions powell which i prety much live on now. All wes anderson movies have great soundtracks I wonder how people find such perfect music for movies, maybe they even change a scene to fit a song better?

  2. I am saddened by this sheerly for the fact that he was so young.

    As far as his music, however, although I think he was a good lyricist, his voice made my skin crawl whenever I listened to him. I think he (much like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan) should have had someone else singing his songs…

    I remember thinking that it was akin to when your best friend in high school who really really wants to be a rock star stands in front of you and warbles off key and then asks you how it was…and you can’t be straight with him.

    I kept thinking after the first time I heard him sing “somebody should have told him back when he was in high school…”

    Still, very sad indeed..

  3. I liked his voice, inasmuch as it really fit the music he sang. It wasn’t operatic, but then it didn’t need to be. One of the sadder things is how no one seems to be that shocked or surprised by it. It’s kind of like with Kurt Cobain. It sucks and is horrible, but it also doesn’t feel like it is coming out of left field since their work is so full of despair and loneliness. May those in turmoil finally be at peace.

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