Atlanta Pt 3

I’ve met with the realtor, I’ve cleaned out the crawlspace and thrown away everything that really needs it. I’ve gathered up all the stuff to take back to Evanston and now I just need to figure out how to transport it. I might see if I can box it up and check it, or possibly ship it out from Hartsfield. Since the plane leaves at 8 AM, that might be an issue. Maybe the PO down there opens at 6 AM. The main Atlanta one in Hapeville has weird, heroic hours.

It’s weird how sometimes I feel like the same idiot screwup that I was when I was 14 (and we all were, I suspect) and sometimes I feel like a highly comptent and responsible adult. This trip has had some of each. For an example of the former, doing my walkthrough of the house I found the last load of clothes I did still in the dryer. I was wondering why I seemed to have so few pairs of shorts. For an example of the latter, since my realtor meeting was the morning after the time change and I was not 100% sure he wouldn’t have slipped up I got here an hour early and waited for him. If he screwed up, I didn’t want him waiting on me even though it wouldn’t have been my fault. Weird, but that’s just how it goes.

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