Continental Drifters

Band of the Day! This time it is a band we used to see frequently in Louisiana, the Continental Drifters. They don’t have any songs easily downloadable, but they do have every track off every album available to stream in reasonable sounding RealAudio so I’ll give them a pass on that. I’ve been listening to their album Vermilion which I bought on Saturday and absolutely love. The whole album is great, but the two standout songs on it for me are “I Want to Learn to Waltz With You”, an oddly touching song of just wanting to be close and and “Drifters”, another oddly touching song of being connected. The chorus really grabs me

We are all drifters
Singers and sisters
Brothers and lovers and mothers and confidantes
We were born alone
We’re alone when we’re gone
So while we’re here, we might as well just sing along

I’m not sure why but that really moves me. Vicki Peterson (of the now newly reunited Bangles) and Susan Cowsill (of the, um, Cowsills) sing most of the songs, with Peter Holsapple (dBs, REM). It’s all good stuff. I miss the days of being able to see them at the Grant Street Dance Hall in Lafayette every month or two.

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