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I have two different copies of WinAmp set up to ping this weblog with my current plays – home and work (which was more of a distinction when they weren’t both in my house.) Now I’ve added the iTunes on the home Mac to the party, by adding the iTunes Trackback script to my system. Nice, huh? This script, even having to edit the URL in Script Editor, is much simpler to deal with than the DoSomething plugin for WinAmp which involves installing, configuring, farting around with, etc. On my work system, it refused to take my configuration of where to put the result file, defaulting to c:\ no matter what, a directory that I didn’t have write access to. Every single time I restarted WinAmp I’d have to reconfigure that if I wanted the plugin to work. It really sucked. This took 15 seconds of configuration and away it went. I really like that.

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