Movement on the Secret Project

After being frozen in infrastructure changes for months, I actually made forward progress on my project last night. Even more amazingly, I did this between trick-or-treaters. Because I have changed almost every aspect of this since beginning, it took a fair amount of fighting just to achieve parity with where I was in May. I want to get moving on this thing in the worst way. I have sketches dated from 2000 detailing the basics of what I want to do, and I know if I wait too long someone else will do the same thing.

My buddy (now boss) Darin has suggested to since I want to become a pundit, someone who is invited to speak at things and whose opinion is respected, a first step would be to talk about the various pieces I’m using in the project and why. I’m going to post a summary now, and maybe write a post about each one. I don’t want to spend too long on this now, because I’m giddy with delight in actually seeing JSP pages populated with real data and would like to move the ball a little farther toward the goal line while I’m on a roll.

As a summary, this is my infrastructure and where applicable what I changed from:

  • Struts (always been that)
  • PostgreSQL as the DB, moving from MySQL
  • Hibernate as the O/R and database layer, moving from Cayenne
  • Eclipse as the IDE, moving from Emacs
  • Subversion as the source control, moving from CVS

Because I am previously not very experienced with JSP and unexperienced with Struts, there has been a lot of learning curve. I believe it is just now paying off. There has been a lot of frustration when I don’t know how to do what is obviously a simple task, but I believe I am getting a good enough grounding to be moving forward.

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