Clean Sweep

Although many of these programs are watched in my household, I’m not a big for of the “swoop in and make an alteration in life” programs. There are certainly enough of them – Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, Date Patrol, What Not to Wear, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, ad nauseaum. There is only one that I do like, and that is Clean Sweep on TLC. Perhaps this one gets to me because I am and have always been so disorganized. Although I have said in no uncertain terms that if a camera crew from What Not to Wear shows up I will run away, I would welcome the Clean Sweep folks in.

I’ve been reading the Julie Morgenstern book, trying to make the necessary internal changes in my attitudes to make an organization effort take. Just this weekend I admitted to myself there is no point in saving clothes too small to wear. Getting rid of them seems like an admission of defeat, that I have given in to being too fat to wear them. I’ve decided that is not the case, and there is no sense surrounding myself with stuff I can’t use now just because I might one day use it again. I know that most of my disorganization is really procrastination. Things build up in big piles because I don’t want to deal with them at the time, and because they build up in big piles I never have the time to deal with them. Making sure that everything has a place such that I can get everything into it in minutes is the key. If things have no place, I either need to make the place or get rid of the things. One line from Fight Club that has always rang true with me: “The things you own eventually own you.” I’m trying hard to get out from under the thumb of my own possessions.

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