Wacky Morning DJs Encourage Violence against Cyclists

Although I no longer commute in the morning, when I did I used to listen to various wacky morning DJs in Atlanta. At some point I just stopped, and I found my mood improving for the better. Now here is a story of a group of three sets of dumbass morning DJs in three cities, all Clear Channel stations encouraging violence against bicyclists. Frankly, I’d rather see violence against morning DJs, they deserve it more.

Now that I’m in Evanston, I’m fortunate on several bicycling fronts. Mayor Daley actually cares about, encourages, and has made civic commitents for the bike friendliness of Chicago. This includes bike lanes, offroad trails and other bicycle infrastructure. In Evanston, bicycles are very common. I see folks of all ages, including people in my neighborhood in their 60’s and 70’s, climbing on their bikes and riding around. I can get almost all the way to downown Evanston via calm, low traffic surface streets. As far as I know, no one in Chicago is inciting knuckleheads to throw things at me as I do.

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