Matrix Revolutions

For a while I thought I was going to get my science fiction nerd card pulled for my listless apathy about The Lord of the Rings movies. I just watched The Two Towers last weekend and only because my wife wanted to. I didn’t really care if I never saw it. In case those credentials are in doubt, I’m going to the opening day of the new Matrix movie. All my coworkers in Atlanta are going to a theater near the office (the same one we snuck out for a long lunch to see Reloaded so I’ll be having a virtual long movie lunch, just in a different city. I’m a little amazed that they had 8 AM showings in Skokie for this film. Do the kinds of people who care enough to go to first showings of Matrix movies actually get their asses out of bed that early?

In the scenes with the hordes of Agent Smiths, my old college buddy Ray is one of the team of folks who worked on that effect. When I saw him last year for the first time in a decade, he and his team were working frantically on it and weren’t 100 percent sure that the software would be done in time. It appears that it all got done. I looked for his name in the credits of Reloaded, but there were like 150 names in the block that seemed appropriate for him, and since he’s a subcontractor I’m not even sure if he actually gets his name in the movies anyway. Just my bit of trivia for the day.

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